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Lonsdale is an English sports equipment, textile, and footwear brand focused on boxing and mixed martial arts established in London in 1960. Former boxer Bernard Hart started the brand as a boxing equipment company, but it eventually branched out into clothing as well.

"Horrible material" says "Jodie L" on a review of a Lonsdale exercise top on Productreview on July 3, 2020:

"Couldn't use it as an exercise top, the material doesn't breathe... cant use it as a fashion top, the material does not breathe, clings to skin and feels like wearing sandpaper. Yuk, won't buy again."


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Food Services Worker (Current Employee) says

"You’ll probably get told that your salary is gonna be more than the lowest paid Kitchen aide based on your experience, but jokes on you you are the lowest paid kitchen aide! No matter what your situation is the manager is not understanding, and will more than likely talk about you behind you back because that what they do! Sometimes you can hear them trash talk you!!!"

CNA (Current Employee) says

"wake people up clean them feed them most co workers were awesome"

Bawar Goran says

"Purchased pants and t-shirts recently in grey colour, after few times wash become rubbish quality. The pants purchased L size after few times wearing and wash the size become XXL and won't fit any more. Also the t-shirt purchased XL size after few times wearing and wash the size become XXXL and won't fit any more. So the quality really were rubbish."

Adrian Wisniewski says

"£42.99 FOR ONLY 35% COTTON HOODIE?!??! No shame at all?!?"

Artyom Daya says

"I don't know how to how to reach them. Support does not answer.The robot responds with a script to each of my messages. My stuff taken by a stranger not from my country. It didn't come but completed! Dhl from my country said that my stuff did not cross the border and did not call me. I live alone in an apartment. Why does a stranger sign my first and last name? I don't even know him. We don't even have such names in our country. I don't know how return money or resend the stuff. Customer Services sportsdirect.com - you are awful. If anyone knows how to get the money back, let me know."

Haidar Razzak says

"Worst company you could ever think about ordering from. Failed to deliver the item for which I paid. Claimed it was because it was damaged in transit. Told me to order and pay for it a second time without refunding the first purchase. I did so. Then they failed to deliver that one too and told me it was still awaiting collection by courier and would be with me in a couple of days. Then I was told it could not be delivered because someone at my address had refused to receive it, which was an outright lie. When I challenged them about who they had spoken to, they changed story their and told me it had been damaged in transit again. There is a very good reason they don’t have a customer service number. Helps them avoid accountability. Avoid Lonsdale too, they are owned by Sports Direct. The delivery company involved was Hermes. Again, no number to call if you have a problem. At present, I am awaiting for more than £600 in refunds for the two failed orders. Let’s hope that doesn’t get “damaged in transit” too."

Ali Hewitt says

"Disgusting brand not surprisingly Mike Ashley is involved"

Patty Hooper says

"If you ever purchase anything from lonsdale.com and encounter an issue you will have to sadly deal with the sportsdirect.com customer services so I thought I would also post my review here so that everyone knows that this company is absolute vile and abhorrent! I bought a pair of shoes off lonsdale.com but have been dealing with a useless cs agent named Sasha from sportsdirect.com...... I contacted them on the 10th of April to inform them that they had sent me the wrong item due to an error on their website. I sent them images proving that the shoes I ordered were listed under the same colour as the ones they sent me (which were hideous) and that I can see how the mistake was made as its not displayed or advertised correctly on their website. I then got an email 6 days later stating the following "I am sorry to read that you have received an incorrect item, I have requested this is investigated with our warehouse department to ensure the items are checked before dispatch. I have since refunded the item cost for you. Please allow 3 - 5 working days for the payment to clear with your bank. The incorrect item does not need to be returned on this occasion. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused." Fast forward a few weeks when I check the statement for my credit card and I can see that the next day shipping fee wasn't refunded which is absolutely ridiculous as they have accepted fault for supplying the wrong item. As someone who also works in E-commerce, if customers return their full order they are given a full refund including the shipping fee, if an incorrect item is sent we either issue a FULL REFUND or send out the correct item before we have even received the wrong item back from the customer.... I just think this is a basic prerequisite for any online retailer that the shipping fee is refunded especially if they have supplied the wrong item to you. I have emailed Sasha about this a few days ago and her response went from "sorry we sent the wrong item" to "We have checked and the postage will not be reimbursed as the item returned is not the wrong colour and it is deemed correct during delivery." I then proceeded to send a third image to customer services of the item I wanted which is now displayed under the correct colour just to prove once again that they didn't get it right the first time. Anyway, I am not asking for a replacement, a store credit or a discount, I didn't keep those hideous shoes and sent them back the day I received them, I got my refund for the item I ordered but I want my refund for the shipping fee as well! I cannot believe this company is making me fight for it and intends to pocket this fee when there services were not rendered correctly."

Craig says

"Got new 12oz boxing gloves used them about 10 times and they have split to the point they now cant be used"

Karan Rathod says

"Bad for buying flight bags, clothing has a cheap feel, if you buy bags they will not last long and the leather will tear apart and there is nothing you can do about it to fix it, the bag I bought only lasted two weeks then these problems occurred, the paint/vinyl used went from white to a really horrible brown colour after long periods of use so avoid it at all costs otherwise waste your money, sort your customer service out aswell heard alot of complaints Good boxing accessories last long and are made to high quality standards dont know why the bags and clothing are the opposite."

Anthony says

"Got some shoes off the Internet very good value £17.50 just the job black smart and durable...well for gym.could have paid more but why when Lonsdale provide a product of such value. Alas I which I could say the same for an Lonsdale American bomber jacket I bought from Sports Direct unfortunately in under a week the popper fell off yes would have been better in zip style..heyho now I know."

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